Windea chooses ProZero 11m Windfarm Service Boat for 2x Siemens Charters

Tuco Marine´s 11m ProZero Wind Farm Service Daughter Crafts has been chosen for WINDEA´s new Ulstein SOV´s


Tuco Marine Group will supply its 11m ProZero Wind Farm Service Vessel daughter crafts to the two Ulstein X-stern vessels ordered by the German based Bernhard Schulte affiliate WINDEA Offshore GmbH. The vessels will go into charter for Siemens. And the daughter crafts will be delivered from Tuco Marine in Q2 and Q3 2016.

The daughter crafts - the "ProZero 11m Wind Farm Service Vessel" - is from the newly developed ProZero series. The hull design is based on the well proven and tested hull from Tuco's Guard Series. Tuco has produced and continuously developed the Guard series since 2002.

The focus in the creation of the ProZero series has been targeted to make an even lighter range of vessels, that include both FRBs, Workboats and Daughter Crafts.

The ProZero 11m Wind Farm Service Vessel is a fast Daughter Craft, specially designed to be an optimal tool for transfer of personnel to and off, offshore installations. Working as a fast crew and passenger transporter, as well as preforming tasks that require economical logistics and high flexibility. Therefore the boat is specially designed with effective access from both fore and aft deck, and with a special focus on rapid accommodation of passengers in the cabin, and cargo on the foredeck. Safe access is ensured though a specialized boarding area bow and fender.

"In the design process it was important for us to create a transfer vessel optimized for the demands of a SOV daughter craft in the offshore wind industry, meeting the high demands for safe transfers and comfortable travel” says Jonas Pedersen, Director of Tuco Marine Group and continues; "Therefore, we have based the entire design on meeting the customers needs and wants, presenting a Daughter crafts where all efforts are targeted this specific industry."

"This boat is designed for safe launch and recovery and can be optimized for both single point hoisting or to access a stern garage on a mothership. Further to improving comfort efforts has been made to reach a high level of redundancy to keep the vessel able to work as a stand-alone unit being able to transfer also to and from shore " continues Jonas Pedersen.

"We are extremely pleased and proud that the ProZero line has been so well received by our customers and partners. Our team has worked hard to optimize the ProZero series to meet the classification and the high safety requirements on this type of boat. It means a lot that we now have more orders and therefore strengthen the ProZero brand, "says Jonas Pedersen.


Pressrelease May 2015

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