Tuco launches new 7,5m ProZero Fast Rescue Craft - FRC

Tuco launches new 7,5m ProZero Fast Rescue Craft - FRC

Tuco Marine Group has just revealed a new FRC design as part of the carbon fiber constructed ProZero boat line. Producing a low-weight rescue craft results in a faster rescue craft that has a larger operational range and extended working time on sea.

FRC´s are being used as offshore recue crafts - primarily being deployed from larger motherships carrying these smaller vessels. This first new FRC in the ProZero line will be the 7,5m ProZero FRC featuring a single water jet installation. The boat is delivered with a single point hoist system of the owner’s choice and can as well be fitted with a twin water jet propulsion installation.

Tuco has been working closely with highly experienced FRC customers to secure that the vessel will fit the demands growing in the market. End users have therefore been closely involved in the design and layout of the FRC.


The 7,5 meter FRC will shortly after be followed up by sisters of different sizes. And next 6,5 and a 8,5 meter versions are planned.

Tuco Marine Group´s ProZero range of boats offers accustomed design features such as multiple choice wheel houses and steering consoles - all to be build in accordance with the specific customers’ requirements. Furthermore it is possible to build the vessels of the ProZero series in different lengths and in different widths, from a range of standard and well proven hull designs.

The core idea is, to secure that the ProZero vessels outperform the current market in reliability and easy service. But also to be competitive when it comes to the weight of the craft. Parameters like delivery time and customization according to customer demands are, during the design phase, a focal point, which is why the complete construction system behind the series is module based. The module-based system allows for easy adjusting and customizing.

“The module based design makes it possible for us to give our customers a product, that can be customized according to their needs and with a relatively short delivery time compared to the market average, still keeping the high level of reliability that we strive for” says Managing Director at Tuco, Jonas Pedersen.

To view the full range of ProZero vessels please refer to our Project Booklet.

Project Booklet

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