In need of a crew transfer boat? – We can deliver in 6 weeks.


 In need of a crew transfer boat – We can deliver in 6 weeks.

Tuco Marine have crew transfer boats used for demonstrations ready to final configurations to clients’ needs and offers delivery times down to 6 weeks on specific models.

The boats are designed and optimized to serve as a platform for crew transport and offshore operations. Operations include transport of personnel, search and rescue and repair and maintenance of offshore machinery and assets. 


In addition to the spacious driver and control cabin that has room for up to 6 extra passengers, the boats are lay out with a well-organized working deck. The cabin protects the crew against the surrounding environment, enhances comfort and provides ideal work conditions for the operators. Powerful light projectors on the aft deck can provide ample light when operations can’t benefit from the luxury of daylight. 


The ProZero crew transporter comes as standard with a single inboard diesel engine and Z-drive but can be configured to the specific needs of the clients, to either outboard engines or waterjets.

Sturdy railings and well-designed deck access are vital parts of the deck layout which also features a raised aft deck that functions as a full beam work platform for the crew. 


The ProZero hull provides for a stable ride, even in rough seas where most vessels must surrender. Fast operations in rough seas are only limited by human constraints. 

The ProZero boats are available in multiple versions, all of which are carefully tailored to suit particular user requirements. The cockpit layout in the work- boats is arranged to maximize the use of state-of- the-art operations management and situational awareness electronic aids. 

Contact us to have full quotation matching your specific needs.

Videos of Tuco Marine Crew Transfer boats can be found below;


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Delivering highly efficient crew boat to Norway 


Windea choose ProZero 11M windfarm service boat for 2X siemens charters