14m Subsea Survey boat

Tuco Marine Group has launched another top-of-the-line hydrographical survey boat.

The 14m subsea survey boat is designed to accommodate workspace for 2 subsea specialists in addition to the helmsman’s workstation. The design enables efficient surveys under changing weather conditions and the hydrodynamic profile of the hull minimizes turbulence that can interfere with the highly sensitive measuring equipment.

Watch the video below:

The advanced sonar equipment is recessed into the hull structure to protect it against adverse conditions. The equipment includes high-performance sensors and processors that can capture the signals, manage multiform data streams and constantly produce and store high-quality information that truthfully represents the sea floor.

Acquisition of high-quality hydrographic data requires optimal conditions. Consequently, special attention has been paid to obtain a hull profile which reduces or eliminates hydrodynamic phenomena that affect the sonar equipment. The enemy is cavitation bubbles and sweep-down of bubbles from the bow that become entrained under the hull. Computational analyses carried out by Hauschildt Marine A/S, Copenhagen, helped to reveal the best hull design before the vessel was put into production.

Hull mounted illustration 3 og 4

The cabin has been designed with acute attention to ergonomics and working environment. Noise insulation ensures comfort and easy communication under all operating conditions and the layout have​ been organized to facilitate workflow coordination, both during the missions and during transport to and from the sites. The cockpit layout is arranged to maximize the use of state-of-the-art operations management equipment and electronic aids for situational awareness.

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