Windfarm EasyConnect Fender


As part of Tuco ´s strategy for continuous design improvements, we have updated our standard bow fender for the ProZero Windfarm series.

The new standard fender design has been named Easy Connect.

The main advantages of the Easy Connect fender design are that the users will see an enhanced grip function of the fender, related to both extended friction surface, but also to the way the boat landings can be entered for faster and safer operations as the easy connect fender will assist the boat captain in performing “first attempt landings”.

The fender profile is designed for a better fit to the boat landings for successful first contacts, resulting in safer and faster operations.


(Old standard fender to the left. Easy Connect fender to the right.)
We have been looking carefully into the design, to make it easy to upgrade the first generation ProZero bow fender, to the new Easy Connect fender and it has been made a simple and fast operation.

Easy Connect fender is as standard delivered with high friction surface. Low friction surface is available on request. The fender is bolted to the structure to ensure easy replacement if damaged, or geometric changes if the boat has to suit another landing platform.



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