Tuco Marine Group is working in collaboration with the citizens of Samsø

The small Danish island of Samsoe has managed to become 100% energy efficient within a decade. Among other reasons, a strong sense of community has made this possible. Faced with an ageing population, the island needs to find ways to attract young professionals. The ferry will make it easier for young people to keep living on the island after finishing the public school. These days, they need to move away to attend high school or business school. The future prospect of the island is largely depending on attracting more guests and more permanent residents. So, a strategy has been set on how a ferry connection between Samsoe and Aarhus can be established for the first time to help the island on these issues.

Aarhus was appointed as European Capital of Culture in 2017. Many tourists have long wanted to have the opportunity to travel from Aarhus to Samsoe on a fast daily basis. The ferry would aim to have a year-round ferry service between the islands for tourists and residents. The purpose is also to create a greater cohesion between the island and Aarhus in favor of citizens and companies, which will make it easier to take advantage of each others offerings.

Tuco Marine Group has been involved in the project in the preliminary funding phase and planning for the last two years. It is still not 100 % funded, and therefore the vessel has not been set into construction, but mere than a third of the households on the island of Samsoe have invested private funds in the project and there are around 1800 external investors so far.


Website of the Samsoe-route

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