SWORC – Shallow Water Oil Recovery Catamaran – is an oil recovering catamaran designed and developed by SWORC A/S.
It consists of a multipurpose platform with the primary purpose of skimming oil from contaminated water. On a special designed road trailer, it's able to collapse into dimensions enabling it to fit in a standard 20 feet container. This enables simpel transport, storing and maintenance.
SWORC is produced by TUCO, in relation to design and specifications created by SWORC A/S. Tuesday the 27th of august 2013, representatives from the The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) met with TUCO and SWORC A/S to complete a thorough test of SWORC.
The demonstration was carried out by Jakob Frost and Jakob Rasmussen from TUCO. The transportable recovering catamaran was assembled, launched and tested during the day.

Length: 5,80m
Beam, transport mode: 2,20m
Beam, sea mode: 3,10m
Material: Fiberglass


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