ROV support boat


Preparing for the World’s Largest Subsea Exhibition and Conference, SubSea Expo in Aberdeen in February 2017, Tuco Marine of Denmark discloses their new ProZero 15m ROV Support boat. The new vessel complements Tuco’s range of ProZero Workboats and Daughter Crafts and the new boat are dedicated to the ROV support boat market.

The boat is optimized as a working platform for underwater work, and work performed in support of divers and ROV ́s. These operations include underwater inspection, investigation, excavation, construction, repair or maintenance of machinery and structures, and the salvage of sunken property.

The ProZero 15 meter ROV support boat is designed with the optional feature, of being remotely controlled by a Remote Command System to enable unmanned piloting of the vessel to improve productivity and efficiency as well as safe operations in hazardous environments.

The Dive support boat features an aft working deck, a ROV service garage, and a ROV control office. The spacious cabin protects the crew working on board from the environment. Deck floodlights supply sufficient light at night to stay in operations 24/7 from the vessel.

The 15 meter ProZero vessel can be delivered with inboard diesel engines and IPS drives, water jets or a triple OXE diesel outboard solution, as the outboard solution provides extra deck space and space below the aft deck where large storage compartments can be made available. The low storage area further improves the stability of the vessels.

The ProZero ROV boat can be fitted with cabins including bunks, desks and cabinets, below the forecastle deck, making the boat useable for operations with longer duration. The boat’s operations can be monitored from the Surveillance dome camera in the mast top with a 360° view coverage of the boat.

The ProZero vessels are based on the well-proven hulls and highly flexible modular design of Tuco Marine Groups ProZero series that offers the customers a high level of customization.

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