ProZero Filecamp System a huge success

Tuco Marine has during the last half year launched their new ProZero-Filecamp system - a system designed especially to support Naval Architects, shipyards and ProZero customers in their work utilizing the ProZero designs and vessels.

The system is a fully updated library of the ProZero designs and files. Incl. all 3D files of the boats for technical and visual design work.

The library contains design files and drawings for all of Tuco’ s ProZero line. The ProZero line consists of FRB (Fast Rescue Boats), Daughter Crafts and Workboats. The boats of the series range in length between 6,5 to 17 meters and width between 2,8 to 5,0 meters. All vessels can be built to fit relevant classification societies and/or Solas.

The ProZero Filecamp system is by its users being credited for its simplicity: 

  • Simple to gain access.
  • Simple to log in.
  • Simple to download files/drawings.

The system soon had its impact on the daily work of its users, and already during the first months of its existing, shipyards and naval architects have used the easy

access to 3D files to show ProZero daughter crafts onboard their mother ship presentations.

The ProZero filecamp is an easy way to gain access to the graphic files that can be incorporated directly in the designs by naval architects. The design library will hold both 2D general arrangements, files containing main data and 3d-files. In order to make it as easy as possible to use the Design Library Tuco has chosen a highly flexible platform that allows us to deliver renderings in the formats requested by our users. If there is a need for a file format that has not yet been uploaded to the library, contact us with your request.

In order to gain access to the design library, contact Tuco at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. When Tuco receives your request for access we will email you a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). When the NDA has been signed and returned to Tuco, the login information will be forwarded.

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