Horizon 2020 ProZero


 Tuco Marine supported with 1,8 M Euro by the EU

The ProZero line – a range of workboats from Danish company Tuco Marine will now be put into market with funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 program. Managing Director Jonas Pedersen expects to triple company profits within the next two years. 

Tuco Marine in Faaborg, Denmark, can expect new faces in the production facilities within the next couple of months. The company just got 1,8 M Euro from the EU's Horizon 2020 program for small and medium-sized enterprises to market their ProZero vessel line, a range of light, fast and eco-friendly workboats made in carbon fiber.

"We are extremely pleased that the EU recognizes the great potential in our ProZero vessel line and supports this phase of our work where we will ship ProZero into international markets," says Jonas Pedersen Managing Director of Tuco Yacht Værft ApS, and continues;

"We have already hired new people to work with ProZero, and furthermore we expect to triple our company turnover within the next two years. That is part of our overall strategy for the company, and the new funding from the EU will help us to get even closer to our company goals,” says Jonas Pedersen.

Lower level of CO2 and NoX 
The low weight of the ProZero series results in a significant reduction in fuel consumption and thus a much lower level of CO2 emissions and NoX outlet. The vessels will simultaneously be able to go faster and achieve greater operating range when e.g. working close to an offshore drilling rig.

The competition on getting support from Horizon 2020 is tough, and the application process has been a long journey for Tuco Yacht Værft. After being granted in a so-called Phase 1 Application, where Tuco Yacht Værft got funding to do a feasibility study, they were rejected twice in the application process to Phase 2. Third time is a charm, and Tuco finally got the grant to be used in the development of ProZero.

The ProZero series has been awarded funding under the European Commission’s SME Instrument that helps European based enterprises in innovation projects that help them grow and expand their activities into other countries – in Europe and beyond.


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