Guard series


The Guard series is a series of tenders specifically developed for professional users and authorities like police or rescueservices. In the developmentproces the key object was to create a series of tenders that could endure hard wear and high speed. The boats are built to endure a top-speed of more than 60 knots.

AluGuard was the first boat in the Guard series. The AluGuard was designed and constructed to meet the demanding conditions of the waters in which the tender was to perform, but at the same time being able to live up to all standards set by the authorities, who were to approve the boat.

The latest addition to the Guard series was launched in 2012 - The C-Guard. The C-Guard is a much lighter type of boat. The superlight carbon construction has made it possible to reduce the weight with up to 40 %. The boat has a far smaller level of fuel usage and lower emission of CO2.

At Tuco Marine Group we are constantly working on further developing the Guard Series and optimizing the skills of the boat while making sure it meets all standards and demands.

Length: 7,00 - 12,00m
Width: 2,65m
Material: Aluminium / composite


Both the AluGuard and the C-Guard can be delivered with different types of superstructures. All models are based on the same hull. For more information on the different types of boats:  [LINK] to catalogue.

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