Tuco Yacht Værft in new collaboration with GoBoat

 In 2014, Tuco has taken part in the development of a new series of innovative boats called GoBoat.

The GoBoat concept has been put into use in central Copenhagen, Islands Brygge right next to the harbour bath, and is a different and great way to experience the Copenhagen Harbour side by renting a boat.

The boats are designed to provide the best possible user experience in a safe and functional environment, where the feeling of freedom, well-being and curiosity are in focus. Ease of use is the focal point of the design, where the slightly curving lines and smooth rounded edges call for casual socializing and interaction with the environment. The innovative hull construction and the solar charged propulsion ensures a comfortable cruise.

The GoBoat fits up to 8 people and does not require any certificate or prior sailing experience to sail.



The boats are environmentally friendly and designed with solar powered propulsion. In Islands Brygge where the boats can be found a pavilion has been built. Solar panels have been integrated into the beautiful architecture of the pavilion. The boats are driven by solar energy from these integrated panels.

GoBoat has started renting out boats in Copenhagen in the summer of 2014 and the company has planned to expand the eco-friendly concept to other major cities of Europe.

Tuco has since early summer 2014 delivered a batch of GoBoats each week – first prototypes, then 0-series from the facilities in Faaborg and later boats delivered from our international subcontractors.


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