EU supports the development of ProZero


Tuco is among the few Danish companies, which will now be supported by the EU's Horizon 2020 program for SMEs.

The European Union sees the possibilities in Tuco Marine Group's new range of boats – The ProZero line - and has chosen the ProZero project to receive funding for the ongoing development. The purpose of the ProZero project is to make Tuco the first major manufacturer of carbon fiber workboats for the professional market.

The news that Tuco’s application for the EU's Horizon 2020 program for small and medium-sized enterprises has been complied, is received with great joy at Tuco in Faaborg. "We are extremely pleased that the EU recognizes the great potential that we see in our ProZero vessel line and supports the continued development," says Jonas Pedersen Managing Director of Tuco Marine Group, and continues; "For us the ProZero series is much more than just another project – the entire team at Tuco is deeply committed to securing that the series represent all the best Tuco can deliver. Therefore, it also means a lot to be supported during the development process. "

The competition to get funding from Horizon 2020 has been tough and the application process has been a long journey, everything has been carefully thought through and all the possibilities on a long-term basis considered.

Only four Danish companies have been granted support and the key to Tuco’s success is a well thought out plan and assistance from experts. "It was crucial for us to show all the potential in the project, and that we have a well-designed plan for the coming years of development." says Christina Dalsgaard, Manager of Operations at Tuco.

The ProZero series has been awarded funding under the topic Small Business Innovation Research for Transport. The series has its focus on creating innovation and to minimize the weight of workboats.

"The low weight of the ProZero series results in a significant reduction in fuel consumption and thus a much lower level of CO2 emissions and NoX outlet. The vessels will simultaneously be able to go faster and achieve greater operating range ", says Jonas Pedersen.

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