Composit pylons


Tuco Marine Group joins high technology partnership.

Tuco is participating on an innovative project that is supported by the Danish Advanced Technology Foundation with an amount of 15 million DKR.

Together with the engineering company BYSTRUP, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Aalborg University (AAU), we are working on a project with the unique scope to create and invent a new and more discrete power pylon, produced in composite materials. This will bring the green and the environmental sound energy to the consumer and new Danish master technology to the market.

“We have the key to the futures green energy transmission" says Brian Endahl, Senior Project Manager at BYSTRUP.

Based on Tuco’s broad knowledge in composite production, the new pylons is not only showing significantly reduced proportions but also a decrease in consumption of the materials and resources used for manufacturing the pylons. The new design will adapt to the landscape and reflect green energy strategy.

Instead of installing isolations on the pylons, the idea is to create the whole pylon of an isolating composite material, whereby it is not necessary to use isolators anymore. This will lower the pylon, and it will be easier to shape the general appearance of the pylon.

Since this has never been tried to be implemented before on a 400 kV network, it is a revolutionary, taken into the consideration that all of the world's biggest electronic pylon is actually being exposed more aesthetic and with less material consumption.
In Europe before the end of 2020, green energy will be transmitted from wind turbines and solar panels to the consumer through a smart- grid established of 100.000 pylons.

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BYSTRUP arkitekterne

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Aalborg Universitet

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