Simple and fast racing – these are the core elements of the trimaran Carbon3. The Carbon3 was developed with one purpose in mind – record breaking fast sailing. A purpose that the trimaran has proven more than able to fulfill.

Since the launch of The Carbon3 the boat has set new standards for racing in the Scandinavian waters by breaking records in races like Around Sealand 2011 and Formula 40 (Around Denmark Inshore) 2012.

The secrets behind the success of Carbon3 are simple, streamlined design build with high attention on minimizing both weight and cost.

The trimaran consists of two floats and a middlefloat connecting the two. Inside the middlefloat there is room for some provisions. A trampoline net is suspended between the two main floats. Because the Carbon3 was designed first and for most for racing this is where the crew is during sailing and not in the hull.

Tuco Marine Group designed and constructed this unique racing boat in 2010 in close collaboration with Nigel Irens.


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