15m Wind Farm service boat design launched

Tuco Marine Group of Denmark launches 15-meter ProZero Wind Farm Service Workboat

The new design is unveiled following deliveries of specialized ProZero wind farm service Daughter Crafts to some of the most prominent owners within the SOV market, such as Bernhard Schulte of Germany and British Bibby Marine Services. These companies are key agents in the wind farm service industry and were among the first to put purpose-built SOVs into service.

The new 15-meter wind farm service boat is a dedicated crew transfer vessel, designed for operations in offshore wind farms. The boat has been developed in close collaboration with experts in wind warm services to ensure full compliance with the latest industry developments and requirements.

The vessel structure has been carefully prepared for safe launch and recovery from larger mother vessels by means of either a single point davit system or an aft garage docking station. Alternative lifting mechanisms can be fitted according to specific purpose and client preference.

In response to the industry focus on structural strength and durability, the 15-meter ProZero wind farm service boat is manufactured using carbon fiber composites. The lightweight carbon fiber design draws a number of advantages in its wake. A low weight vessel permits installation of smaller and significantly more fuel-efficient engines which reduces operating costs and environmental impact. Furthermore, low weight solutions affect the entire value chain for the operators since it enables accommodation of larger daughter crafts on mother vessels that are not inherently capable of handling the heavier, traditional daughter crafts.

The composite materials have been thoroughly tested and drop tests have verified that the sandwich construction we use for our wind farm service boats is superior to similar structures made from aluminum. The structural integrity of the vessel is better preserved in the occasion of collision with objects and this enhances crew safety.

Special attention has been paid to ensure easy and safe access to all the tools and features necessary for the crew to perform transfer operations with confidence and efficiency. The ProZero design affords great stability and rough sea performance which in turn enables operators to safely take advantage of expanded weather windows.

The 15-meter ProZero service boat offers a spacious foredeck and a newly developed, purpose-built docking system for easy access to the offshore wind turbines.


The vessel features Volvo Penta IPS drives connected to twin inboard diesel engines, enabling a comfortable service speed of more than 25 knots for 10 passengers and 1500 kilos of cargo.

The general design is arranged to allow installation of a gangway system, affording the users even greater operational capacity and enhanced comfort during transfer operations.

Further material may be requested at Tuco Marine, Krogsbjergvej 2, 5600 Faaborg, tel: 0045 7020 3898 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information, please contact Managing Director Jonas Pedersen on telephone 0045 7020 3898 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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