10.5 m Archipelago delivered to Holmestrand


The ProZero 10.5m WBW Archipelago workboat has been delivered to the Norwegian Archipelago Services. The vessel is a fast and light multipurpose workboat that features a hydraulic bow gate and a deck crane for handling cargo over the vessels side. From the flexible and unique ProZero construction the vessel is built with a flexible, hung cabin to ensure the best possible comfort in the wheelhouse.

The Vessel is to enter service in Holmestrand, Norway, for the local Archipelago services and has been modified to fit the needs of this specific client. The changes required by Holmestrand were a center mounted cabin with a deck layout allowing room for full walk around the cabin. The powertrain has been changed from single propeller installation in the previous delivery to a single jet in the Holmestrand boat. 

The delivered vessel is as many of the ProZero vessels in Tuco Marines ProZero range, equipped with a flexible hung cabin, mounted on rubber shocks, to secure optimal sound dampening, and crew comfort inside the cabin. Two suspended seats, a passenger sofa, and a toilet ensure the very best traveling experience for the crew and passengers. On the aft deck of the vessel, a large heated locker is mounted, serving as a dry locker for the crew’s clothes and tools.

The light workboat is equipped with a Volvo Penta D11 inboard diesel engine, capable of doing more than 25 knots when transporting crew and passengers to or from the archipelago islands, which will be the boat’s main area of use.

On the foredeck the boat features a crane in starboard side, and in port side a line/trap hauler, and a side door for easy access to shore and water. The boat is further equipped with radio, radar, AIS and a VHF installation for optimal communication.

“We are really pleased with the performance of the vessel, and extremely smooth ride this vessel offers its’ crew ” says Jakob Frost, Product responsible at Tuco Marine Group. “The sailing characteristics are excellent, just as the boat was designed for, and the low weight of the vessel ensures the low fuel use, that is always a high priority for us.”

The design of the ProZero cabin ensures a huge amount of daylight, this also improves the personal comfort. A sliding door secures that access to, and from the cabin, can be done with a minimum of obstacles for the crew working on deck or walking past the cabin entrance.

The ProZero series of boats has received great market feedback since the revealing of the design mid-2014 and other ProZero designs now find their way into the Norwegian Markets with recent sales of specialized Net Cleaning Boats for the Fish farming industry.

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