Another Wind Farm Service Boat


Tuco Marine Group of Denmark inks a new order for their 11m WIND FARM SERVICE BOAT from the ProZero series of Fast Rescue Boats, Daughter Crafts and Workboats. 

The new order from a major, but for now undisclosed, company in the European offshore market, is a, third in a row, sale of Tuco Marines 11m Wind Farm Service Boat, a vessel that has been designed specifically to the far offshore Wind farm market as a Daughter Craft to the SOV´s that are to enter this market during the coming seasons.

The ProZero 11m WIND FARM SERVICE BOAT is a dedicated service boat and crew transfer vessel, for offshore wind farms. The boat has been developed in close collaboration with experts in Wind Farm Services and the main market charterers, who have been deeply involved in the development, to meet the latest requirements of the park operators.

The 11m boat is constructed to be lifted on and off larger mother vessels using a single point David system and the ProZero 11m WIND FARM SERVICE BOAT can be outfitted with hook systems of the owner’s choice.

When designing the Wind Farm Service Boat, passenger transportation and safe cargo handling has been a high priority for Tuco Marine in the work to meet the requirements of the far offshore farms on deep waters. These farms are situated so far offshore that daily travel to and off shore is not possible and technicians are therefore accommodated on larger mother vessels (SOV´s) or on accommodation platforms. This requires stabile daughter crafts that are capable of transporting personnel and cargo, from the accommodation units to and of the turbines and all these detailed scopes and requirements have carefully been investigated by Tuco Marine and several industry partners and build in to an Operational Circle Tool of the Daughter Crafts. These tools are offered to Tuco´s Wind Farm Daughter Craft Clients.

The vessels are constructed from carbon fiber composites due to the industry’s focus on weight and fuel efficiency obtained by less operational power needed. Further the low weight achieved by this construction, also makes it possible to fit the fairly large daughter craft to vessels not capable of handling heavier daughter crafts.

The ProZero 11m WIND FARM SERVICE BOAT offers a spacious foredeck and a purpose-build docking and fender system for easy access to the offshore windmills.

The vessels feature twin water jet installation fitted to inboard diesel engines, and operate at a service speed above 22 kts, transporting 8 passengers and 500 kilos of cargo on the foredeck.

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