New project to improve safety through the use of high-speed rescue boats at sea

The Danish Maritime Fund supports Svendborg International Maritime Academy - SIMAC and Tuco Marine in developing new manuals and training concepts for fast work and rescue vessels. The project starts August 1st.

The project aims to increase safety and improve the user experience in the application of the so-called man overboard boats (MOB), Fast Rescue Boats (FRB), Daugther Crafts (DC) and workboats (WB).

"The manuals and training concepts available on the market today, seems neither particularly appropriate or understandable," says Jonas Pedersen, Tuco Marine, and continues "With an improvement on the basis of user involvement and new ideas, we will increase the quality and availability, and thus contribute to enhancing the safety of the launch, use, recovery and maintenance of these types of vessels ".

Tuco Marine is currently launching a new series of vessels for the marine and offshore industry. The series named ProZero includes the four above-mentioned vessel types that are available in a variety of sizes and equipment. The project is intended to improve the safe use of vessels. "We definitely expect that a detailed quality manual will ensure a better user experience for the vessels, but also that it can contribute to our products differentiating themselves from the market, on our approach to safety and security. Safety is essential for the serious buyers in this segment "concludes Jonas Pedersen.

Students from SIMAC are to analyze the existing manuals on the market. The students will then, together with representatives from the industry, help in the development of new innovative training concepts and new types of manuals. It is intended that they should increasingly be based on modern communication technologies, such as video tutorials and applications (apps) for smartphones and tablets. Solutions in relation to training concepts could include the use of simulators to achieve training and routine without exposing the participant to undue risk. SIMAC has in recent years worked systematically with the development of new innovative approaches and solutions and has won recognition for this work. "We are pleased now to have received money from the fund to complete the project - at SIMAC we are a leading in maritime innovation and entrepreneurship and it is therefore an obvious choice to involve the innovative ideas and solutions of our students" says, Jan Askholm, SIMAC. 

The project begins the first of August 2014 and runs for 5 months until the 31st of December 2014. 

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