35m Cat Norway


Sea Lord 35 CarbonCat is the name of the lightweight ferries sailing in Norway on the route between Tromsø and Harstad. The structure of the ferries has been made out of carbon fibre only, which has resulted in a large reduction in the weight of the vessel compared to the aluminium ferries that sailed the route earlier.  LMG Marin designed the ships for Båtservice in Mandal while Tuco Marine Group provided the carbon fibre structure.

The composite structure of the boats was built and prepared for the final outfitting in the yacht in Faaborg. The outfitting of the vessels was carried out by Båtservice in Mandal.

Each of the carbon structures weighed about 25 tons. They where transported from the facilities of Tuco Marine Group to the nearest harbour in Bøjden from where the hulls were loaded on to a coaster and freighted to Norway.

The ferries were designed by LMG Marin. Båtservice in Mandal asked Tuco Marine Group to supply the needed carbon fibre and construct the hull.

Since the ferries have been put into service it has been documented by Veritas in a third party report that there is a 57% reduction in fuel usage and 66% reduction in the NoX emission. These reductions were made at the same service speed as previously and with the same number of passengers. 

Tuco Marine Group delivered the first 35m catamaranferrie to Norway in November 2009 and with the following deliveries the yard has provided a total of three vessels, which are all in service between Tromsø and Harstad in Norway.

Tuco Marine Group has since then delivered a 24m CarbonCat catamaranferrie. Read the case here. 


LOA: 35,00m
BOA: 10,9 m
Passenger: 250 pax
Top speed: 33 kt


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