24m Cat Norway

Following the successful 35m carbon fibre catamaran, Tuco delivered this 24m carbon fibre catamaran.

The Ship is designed by LMG Marin and ordered from Tuco by Båtservice Mandal A/S. Tuco supplied the complete carbon fibre structures to Mandal.

The boat structure is entirely made of carbon fibre at Tuco, which results, in high strength and high weight savings, compared to conventional materials. This gives a vessel with less fuel consumption and at the same time it results in high service speed. Besides the above, it fulfils environmental responsibility requirements given, and due to the low fuel consumption from the boat, its NoX emissions are significantly reduced.

Båtservice Mandal A/S has subsequently delivered 24m "MS Falkefjell" to Boreal Transport Nord A/S The boat works as a combination of cargo and passenger transporter, at the Skjånes-Narrow Fjord Langfjordbotn-Skjånes route, in the north of Norway. It is equipped with 125 passenger seats a small coffee shop, and space for cargo.

LOA: 24,00m
BOA: 8,3m
Passenger: 125 pax
Top speed: 33 kt
Cargo: 2,1 t


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