ProZero 11m Fast Rescue Daughter Craft

Offshore work 2 work vessel provider Royal Wagenborg from Delfzijl, in The Netherlands, have taken delivery of a new ProZero 11m FRDC Fast Rescue Daughter Craft. The Vessel is delivered By Tuco Marine Denmark, from the companies ProZero International subsidiary, known for their ProZero line of Workboats and Offshore Daughter Crafts.

ProZero International has delivered the ProZero 11m Fast Rescue Daughter Craft that are built under Bureau Veritas certification to the ERRV (Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel) rules.

The new boat is designed on Tuco Marine´s ProZero second generation Daughter Craft concept and have been built to allow full use of the latest technology to support the Emergency and SAR operations.

The ProZero 11m FRDC is constructed from carbon fiber composites due to the offshore industry’s focus on fuel efficiency obtained by less operational power needed. Further the low weight achieved by this construction, also makes it possible to fit the fairly large daughter craft to vessels not capable of handling heavier daughter crafts.

The ProZero 11m Fast Rescue Daughter Craft offers a spacious aft deck to carry out rescue missions and a purpose-build fender system for optimum protection during missions as well and under Launch and recovery of the FRDC.

The vessels feature twin waterjet installation fitted to inboard diesel engines, operates at a service speed above 30 kts, and have a capacity of up to 24 rescued according to SOLAS requirements.

The advanced onboard equipment includes electronic communication and navigation equipment, as well as an inflatable self-rightening system, Jasons cradle, and single point lifting.

The ProZero 11m Daughter Craft, is as well outfitted with painter line system which allows the operator to remotely release the Daughter Craft from the bow line of the Mothership during Launch and Recovery operations.

The 11m ProZero are built from lightweight composite materials which ensure the low weight, high fuel efficiency, and low emission of greenhouse gasses. Additionally, the need for maintenance is minimized. Thanks to the low weight and the well proven Deep-V ProZero hull, the new boat was capable of reaching speeds in excess of 32 knots during the sea trials.

”We are tremendously excited and proud that Royal Wagenborg has chosen ProZero. This 11m ProZero Daughter Craft is a seal of approval of the technology and the products we have been developing and refining for years. We hope that this new boat can contribute to bringing ProZero vessels into the Offshore industry at an even higher level, supporting the offshore business and safety in the very best way. We look forward to a strong collaboration with Royal Wagenborg, not only now, but also in the future”, says Jonas Pedersen, CEO at ProZero International and Tuco Marine.