ProZero 15m FR Workboat

Aqua Culture specialist Aqua Kompetanse AS in Flatanger, Norway, have taken delivery of a new ProZero 15m FR Workboat. Despite the challenges of CoVid-19, the boat was delivered four weeks prior to contractual delivery schedule. The boat was delivered by ProZero International, through their Norwegian subsidiary ProZero Norway.

ProZero International has delivered the ProZero 15m FR Workboat though the Norwegian subsidiary ProZero Norway AS, where managing Director Kjetil Nygaard have been a key resource in developing the workboats specification in close collaboration with the client Akva Kompetanse AS, who is a leading inspection company with-in the Aqua culture business in Norway.

The new boat is designed on Tuco Marine´s ProZero workboat concept and have been built to allow full use of the latest technology to support the inspections and survey operations.

“During the last years, Aqua kompetanse has experienced a huge increase in demand for all our services” Explains Øyvind Horn, Boat an Equipment manager in Aqua Kompetanse.

Therefore, the need for a new vessel for our surveyors developed, and as our clients expect fast and efficient service along the coast of Norway, the 15m ProZero was chosen due to the great seaworthiness and the service supplied by the shipyard. The speed and great seakeeping capabilities of the ProZero workboat, ensures that we can meet our clients faster an in a larger operational area.

“Despite the challenges of CoVid-19, ProZero and Tuco Marine, have been able to provide great follow-up, throughout the construction period and, not only deliver on-time, but actually deliver 4 weeks prior to contractual delivery time. Aqua Kompetanse have been really pleased with the yard’s flexibility as well as the final product”
Complements General Manager of Aqua Kompetanse Alexander Lindseth.

The advanced onboard equipment includes electronic communication and navigation equipment, a liniehandler, and an onboard crane. The ProZero 15m workboat, is as well outfitted with exclusive track mounting system which allows the operator to rapidly configure the interior to accommodate a variety of extra equipment and/or operation specific payloads.

The 15m ProZero are built from lightweight composite materials which ensure low weight, high fuel efficiency and low emission of greenhouse gasses. Additionally, the need for maintenance is minimized. Thanks to the low weight and the well proven ProZero hull, the new boat was capable of reaching speeds in excess of 36 knots during the sea trials.

”We are tremendously excited and proud that Aqua Kompetanse AS has chosen ProZero. This 15m ProZero Workboat is a seal of approval of the technology and the products we have been developing and refining for years. We hope that this new boat can contribute to bringing ProZero vessels into the Aqua Culture industry at an even higher level, supporting the Aqua culture business and environments in the very best way. We look forward to a strong collaboration with Aqua Kompetanse AS, not only now, but also in the future”.
Says Jonas Pedersen, CEO at ProZero International.