ProZero & Artemis Technologies Unveils Electric Foiling Workboat

Artemis Technologies has moved to the next phase in the development of its Artemis eFoilerTM electric propulsion system, And the Team of ProZero Workboats and Artemis Technilogies are now announcing plans to launch a technology demonstrator in 2021.

Announced by Artemis Technologies COO, Prof. Mark Gillan, during a presentation to the Workboat Association’s Technical Workgroup this week, the first vessel equipped with the transformative Artemis eFoilerTM, will be a ProZero Multipurpose 11m workboat platform, provided by Tuco Marine Group. The lightweight carbonfibre ProZero workboat will have a cruising speed of 25 kts, a top speed of over 30 kts, and an impressive range of 60 NM at cruising speed.

The core technologies behind the eFoilerTM include hydrofoils, flight control system, Carbon fibre hull and an electric drivetrain. All elements have been developed and tested in relevant environments. Through combining these core components, this ground-breaking innovation for commercial vessels, that is radically different from existing products under development, will enable a transition to high-speed zero emission maritime transport.

Prof. Mark Gillan said:

“The eFoilerTM is a truly transformative innovation that will help commercial operators across the world dramatically reduce their carbon emissions. The electric propulsion system provides significant range at high-speed, whilst also reducing operational costs through substantial fuel savings.

“Up to this point, we have carried out extensive design and engineering work on the foils, drivetrain, boat gand control system. Moving into 2021, we are very excited to commence the manufacturing and testing phase and look forward to beginning sea trials later this year.

“The demonstrator will not only prove the concept, but provide an immediate zero emission propulsion solution for the workboat market.”

Highly scalable, the technology provides a number of additional operational benefits, and will suit a wide variety of vessels and applications including those used in the offshore wind sector, and for passenger transportation.

Prof. Mark Gillan added:

“The eFoilerTM enables vessels to fly over the water, providing an exceptionally comfortable ride, without causing any wake or wash.

“This means minimal disruption to the water surface and surrounding area, thereby protecting shorelines and wildlife, while also allowing vessels to travel at high-speed for longer.”

Jonas Pedersen, director of Tuco Marine, further says that the plan is to launch the demonstrator in the autumn of 2021, and that the boat after the tests with Artemis, will be used for demonstration sailings and technology development at both Tuco and Artemis.

“We are very excited to be a part of this project with Artemis Technologies. With this product, Iain Percy and his team are at the forefront of the development of propulsion systems for professional vessels. And our lightweight ProZero boats are a super good match for the system. We see foiling as a great opportunity when it comes to overcoming the huge barrier to realizing electric propulsion on fast vessels, namely storing enough energy on board. - By reducing the hull resistance with foils, the extra range can be achieved rather than adding additional weight and cost with larger batteries.” Jonas Pedersen ends.